We are happy to announce that, finally, after 6 (six!) years of trying, we are in a position to offer at least/at last two varieties of exclusive honeys from Asian honey bees. Alas – this offering is limited to Germany (and therefor to all other EU countries). Since the United Kingdom not only voted to leave the Common Market, but in the process also kept – without any change – the European Honey Directive, which prohibits the importation and sale of honey from bees other than Apis mellifera, we cannot legally sell our unique honey in the UK.

But also available in the UK are our wax wraps made with comb from Apis dorsata.  The wraps are of outstanding quality and tell some of the amazing story of Asian honeybees. Wax wraps are a great environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuel based cling film – a natural way to keep foods fresh.

And if you happen to grow your own food: While waiting for a green light from the authorities to import those honeys, we introduced a unique range of plastic free gardening implements – another way to help combat climate change, and fight the loss of biodiversity and pollution of soils and oceans.

Here is a link to our UK shop selling wax wraps (and other plastic-free items).

Here is a link to our UK shop selling the plastic free gardening range.

And here is a link to our Shop in Germany selling our honeys – but we cannot ship across the channel. Sorry.

We also sell the world’s most bee-friendly ventilated beesuits.

Please note: Distribution of all our wax wraps and plastic free gardening-range in the UK is managed by Wildlife World Ltd – hence the first two links link to their web shop.